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The school has placed its admission / tuition fee policy with the following key features:

  • Students with a proper school leaving certificate from a school is eligible to get admitted in the school. New students of age 3 or above are admitted in pre or primary section based on their eligibility and their eligibility is assessed through interviews / interaction with them.
  • Parents with having 3 children admitted or will be admitting in the school will be privileged with a 100% tuition & admission fee concession for one of his/her child.
  • No admission fee will be charged against the admission of girls students while they will also avail concession in the tuition fee. An average amount of Rs. 500.00 will be paid as admission for all classes. The girl’s students will be exempted from the admission fee.
ClassAdmission FeesTuition Fees
Plan APlan B
First Class5000750650900780
Second Class50008507501020900
Third Class50008507501020900
Fourth Class50009008001080960
Fifth Class5000100085012001020
Sixth Class50001500130018001560
Seventh Class50001500130018001560
Eight Class50001800155021601860
Ninth Class50001800155021601860
Tenth Class50002000170024002040

Tuition fee plans

The school believes in facilitating parents to the maximum with relation to submission of the tuition fee of their kids. At first the school has made concession, in tuition and admission fee, available for girls student. Girls students are charged less than boys in terms of their tuition fee. In addition, no admission fee is charged from girls students while boys’ students are also charged a minimal amount as their admission fee. To further facilitate parents, in submission of the tuition fee of the twelve academic months, they are provided options to either submit the tuition fee of final two months in one go are its certain proportion along with their regular monthly tuition fee.

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Admission office NVS
Phone: 0092-3337908444

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Monday to Saturday
09:00 am – 02:00 pm